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Fort Worth set to boost economy with eco-friendly technology and research center

The Fort Worth City Council has received a compelling proposal that could significantly bolster the city’s economic development. Sinclair Digital Services Inc., a budding company that has already made waves in the hospitality industry, is seeking a grant worth up to $10 million to establish a technology and research and development center in downtown Fort Worth, according to Dallas Metro News. The proposed center, if approved, will boast an impressive array of features, including a tech demonstration room, a product mock-up area, and an energy storage system demonstration site.

Sinclair Digital Services has quickly made a name for itself as an innovator in the field of eco-friendly technology. Led by its visionary CEO, Farukh Aslam, the company has already made notable contributions to the green energy movement. By transforming the historic Sinclair Building from offices into a high-tech hotel, Sinclair has revolutionized energy efficiency in the hospitality sector. Using Ethernet cable technology, the company has replaced traditional electric cords and wiring, and integrated devices such as lights, smart mirrors, and mini-refrigerators into a single, interconnected network.

With the proposed research center, Sinclair Digital Services aims to take its innovations to new heights. The company has ambitious plans to create a renewable, direct current technology that will transform buildings in the same way that Tesla has revolutionized the automobile industry. Hannah Walker, the company’s chief operating officer, explains, “That’s the exact same transformation that we are trying to make happen in buildings.”

If the City Council approves the grant proposal, Sinclair Digital Services will create 63 jobs over the next five years, with average yearly wages of at least $100,000. In addition, the company has committed to spending approximately $87 million in research and development over the next ten years. These initiatives are expected to drive employment and fuel economic growth in the city.

To ensure that Sinclair Digital Services delivers on its promises, the company will be required to complete the research center by 2025, with a minimum annual spend of $4 million for ten years, and $850,000 on facility improvements. The company will also be required to employ a minimum of 55 personnel within the first five years, with an average annual salary of $100,000. These provisions are designed to promote employment growth and maximize the economic benefits of the proposal.

If approved, the proposed grants will cover up to 35% of research and development costs up to $10 million, and full payment of the grant would necessitate an estimated $121 million in new incremental property value. The proposal has the potential to transform the city’s economic landscape by creating a vibrant hub for eco-friendly technology and research.

This is an exciting development that has the potential to unlock new opportunities for the city of Fort Worth.


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