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Tarrant County medical examiner says woman found under bridge was shot to death

The community is in mourning following the recent announcement by the Tarrant County medical examiner that 19-year-old Janeecia Mason was shot to death. Her body was discovered beneath a bridge in Fort Worth last month, leaving family and friends devastated and searching for answers.

Despite the recent arrest of Joseph Aparicio in connection to Mason’s murder, the exact details surrounding the events leading up to the fatal incident remain unclear. As investigators continue their search for answers, tensions in the community remain high.

According to reports, Mason’s mother, Barbara Taylor, last spoke to her daughter on March 17th. In the days following their conversation, Taylor was unable to reach her daughter and eventually alerted the authorities. Mason’s body was found almost 30 miles away from her last known location, prompting questions about how she knew her assailant and what led to her tragic end.

With Aparicio currently in custody, the community is left questioning how he was able to commit such a heinous crime, especially given his criminal record. The family of the victim is calling on the public to come forward with any information that could bring closure to this tragic event.

As investigators continue to piece together the details surrounding Mason’s death, the Tarrant County community remains in shock and disbelief. The hope is that with the public’s help, justice will ultimately be served for the victim and her grieving family.


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