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U.S. Representative Bob Good says Biden is misrepresenting the current border situation

Lynchburg, Virginia – One of the attendees at the Freedom Rally held in Bedford on Saturday was the U.S. Representative Bob Good.
Good shared his opinion on the current situation on the border.
The U.S. Representative, Bob Good is urging President Biden to take action.
When it comes to the border problem, Good claims that no president in the country’s history has intentionally done more to harm his own country than Joe Biden.
Biden, according to Good, is misrepresenting what is happening currently.
“They’re falsely trying to give us the impression that they’re deporting them back to Haiti they’ve distributed them into the country, they want to hide it from the American people,” said Good.
Good additionally said that he believes the US government turned off drone monitoring in the region as soon as news outlets started reporting on what was going on at the border.

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