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Heritage Day Festival will take place in downtown Christiansburg

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – On August 20th, the Heritage Day Festival will once again take place at the Montgomery Museum of Art and History.

Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., it will take over the downtown area of Christiansburg.

The event will have a beer garden, a variety of food vendors, and a stage for live music.

According to Casey Jenkins, the Executive Director of the museum, this event is an excellent opportunity to get information on local history.

“Bringing all that back is something really special for for Montgomery County, Christiansburg, Blacksburg and people can really see their heritage come to life in sort of a living history kind of way,” said Jenkins.

In addition, the beer garden will include a special beer that was produced in collaboration with Iron Tree Brewing and given the name “L & M Rifle Ale.” This beer was named after the well-known Christiansburg duel.

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