No charges filed against the 21-year-old man involved in fatal shooting

Danville, Virginia – Following deliberation, a grand jury in Danville, Virginia, has reached the conclusion that there is insufficient evidence to warrant the filing of criminal charges in connection with a gunshot that resulted in a death.
According to the reports from the police, the incident took place on April 16 at the Cardinal Villages Apartments, which are located in the 600 block of Edmonds Street. According to the authorities, Shafi Yassin Rasheed, age 20, was shot by an unidentified 21-year-old man.
According to the authorities, the unidentified man handed up his gun to the authorities and helped with the investigation.
Charges were not filed by the Danville Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, but the matter was sent to a grand jury for review.
The evidence, including footage from the scene, was submitted to a grand jury on Wednesday, and after deliberating, they decided not to file a manslaughter charge against the individual who had been engaged in the shooting.

Viola Higgins

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