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LGBTQ+ pride event returns to Roanoke this weekend

Roanoke, Virginia – This weekend marks the return of LGBTQ+ pride events to Roanoke after a long break.
A lineup of artists will kick off the weekend’s festivities with drag show performances at the Park dance club.
City Councilman Joe Cobb will also make a proclamation at the Pride Festival in Roanoke on Sunday. He is looking forward to seeing people from all over the Commonwealth come together to show their support for LGBT people.
Even while the LGBTQ+ community continues to face social and political obstacles, Cobb said that Virginia has made significant strides in its efforts to protect the group from discrimination.
“We’ve got to be consistent with our advocacy. Help people remember that Virginia has the Virginia Values Act. We are not going to go backwards,” Cobb said.
According to Cobb, transphobia and homophobia should not be a source of concern in people’s everyday lives.
“We all want to coexist as people who have these basic rights so we don’t feel threatened by discrimination. I’m so grateful to not only our community but to all of our allies who are willing to step up and be courageous,” Cobb added.
The Roanoke Pride Festival will take place on Salem Avenue between 6th and 8th Streets tomorrow, beginning at noon.

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