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McGuire joins the race for the Roanoke City Council seat

Roanoke, Virginia – The race for the empty Roanoke City Council seat left vacant by Robert Jeffrey Jr. has expanded by one more candidate.
Terry McGuire is a Democrat who is competing for a seat on the city council.
Even though this is his first time running for public office, he has already become a leader in the community because of his work on environmental projects.
Climate change and sustainability are among the issues on which he has expressed a desire to act.
In the words of McGuire, “the decisions that we make today are going to have even more importance in the future than the decisions we made yesterday for how we live our lives today. So I think it is critical that we have someone on the council who understands environmental policy. Who understands sustainability, and even more critically, how that intersects with all the other issues that the city is concerned about and working on.”
McGuire grew up in Franklin County but was born in Roanoke.
This election’s primaries take place on June 21st, with early voting beginning as early as May.

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