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Stray bullet hits school bus while transporting students

Roanoke, Virginia – Roanoke City Schools said that a bullet entered one of the tires of an activity school bus on Tuesday evening. The vehicle was surrounded by police along Loudon Avenue, according to the school district.
There were no casualties on the bus, which was transporting five students at the time of the incident from James Madison Middle School.
“I am not aware of anything like this ever happening before,” says Verletta White, superintendent of the Roanoke City Schools.
White went on to say that the kids’ parents had been notified and that the children were on their way home. Counseling services are given to people who are engaged.
Roanoke Police first responded to a report of a person shot in the 2400 block of Delta Drive NW, but they were unable to locate anybody who had been wounded.
White expresses gratitude to the bus driver for ensuring the safety of the students.
“Our school bus driver, Ms. Marjorie, is a hero today. She stayed calm, she kept our students calm, and she was able to navigate that bus in a way that she didn’t have an accident. We are so grateful to her and all of our bus drivers. This is what they do; they ensure student safety,”White said.
Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call 540-344-8500.

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