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Rosie’s Gaming Emporium expansion completed

Vinton, Virginia – With the completion of a new extension, Rosie’s Gaming Emporium in Vinton has more than doubled its games and area, from jackhammers to jackpots.
In more ways than one, the facility has extended its entertainment options.
“Our customers, simple supply and demand, wanted more gaming space. We went from 15,000 square feet, we added an additional 18,000 square feet. 350 additional games and these are new games that nobody has seen in the area before. We actually brought another component in too that we’re very excited about, a live stage as well. So we have a venue here,” Ernie Dellaverson said, Regional General Manager for Rosie’s Gaming Emporium.
With the construction of a 280-space parking garage, guests will have more parking options.
“There’s been a lacking entertainment component in the area. There are a couple places in Downtown Roanoke, but now we’re bring it out to the Vinton area and I think there is demand for this adult entertainment in our area,” Dellaverson said.
Rosie’s could handle around 480 people before the expansion and now it can accommodate about 1500.
The project cost $28 million.

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