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Charges not filed against Roanoke Police Department officers involved in a shooting

Roanoke, Virginia – Charges have not been filed against the three officers involved in a shooting that occurred in Northwest Roanoke and left one man injured.
The Commonwealth’s Attorney for Roanoke City, Donald Caldwell, issued a statement Tuesday addressing the shooting, stating that police officers J.A. Arellano, K.M. Maxey, and M.D. Garland will not be charged criminally in the gunshot that injured Gary Haston on May 22.
Caldwell made this decision after reviewing police reports, 911 calls, officer bodycam footage, witness testimonies, forensic reports, and visiting the shooting scene.
Officers on that morning responded two times in less than three hours in the 900 block of Glenn Ridge Road NW to a report of a man who was trespassing and refusing to leave the property. The man was later identified as Haston.
Upon arriving the second time, officers tried to speak with Haston, but he refused to follow their verbal instruction threatening he had a weapon.
According to Caldwell’s statement, during their 10-minute exchange, Haston continued to threaten the cops before making a “sudden move,” prompting Officer Arrellano to fire one round at him. According to the statement, Officers Maxey and Garland followed suit and fired five shots each at Haston, striking him multiple times.
Haston was later hospitalized, according to officials, but he has since recovered from his injuries.
Caldwell concluded that the officers were in a situation where they “reasonably believed” that they and others were endangered. Later, he said the officers were “justified in using deadly force.”
The officers involved in the incident did not suffer injuries and were placed on administrative assignment because of the Roanoke Police Department protocol.

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