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Niece shouts “I killed her” as police was taking her of the scene where she strangled her elderly aunt to death

As time goes on and our parents, grandparents get older, we have the responsibility to take care of them as best we can every day, as they took care of us when we were young, showing them how much loved they are, so when the moment they leave this world comes, we will be sure that they have left happy.
But, for an elderly woman who believed in God and never missed Sunday Mass in the local church, it can not be said that she left this world happy despite the fact that there were people around her who took care of her every day. Actually, she was killed by the woman who took care of her and was also her granddaughter.
The 50-year-old J. Cruz was apprehended and put behind bars in connection to a murder of the 97-year-old A. Cardona, who was found dead in her apartment.
Cardona was found strangled in her 18th floor New York apartment by the home health aide R. Perez. Perez said she was shocked when she found Cardona’s body in the harrowing scene, as no one, especially not an elderly good woman like Cardona, should die that way.
Police responded to the scene, and upon arrival after a short investigation, her niece J. Cruz, who lives in the adjacent building in the same complex, was arrested. According to witnesses, as officers led her from the apartment, she started shouting “I killed her! I killed her!.”
Preliminary investigation of the strangulation death of Cardona showed that Cruz allegedly killed her grandmother for money.
One of Cardona’s longtime friend said to investigators she can not believe how an unfortunate incident like this could happened, as Cruz was taking care of her grandmother, bringing her food almost every day, even helping her to get in and out of the bathroom.
Cardona’s family could not believe also that Cruz was capable of killing her grandmother.
Cardona’s death left her fellow parishioners from the local church gutted. They were weeping while speaking about her.
Cardona’s fellow parishioners, friends and family are looking for answers and hope that the police will investigate the case well.
Authorities took Cruz to a psychiatric facility for evaluation of her mental health, after discovering the body of Cardona.
Cruz was taken into custody on strangulation and murder charges. She awaits arraignment in criminal court.

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