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Drivers recommended to be more careful on the roads as school buses return

Roanoke, Virginia – Drivers in the community are recommended to be more careful as school buses are on the road again.
According to the general manager of Durham School Services in Roanoke, Ron Young, drivers should be more alert and extra patient on the roads. It’ll be a first bus ride for many of the children, and for others, it has been more than a year since they last rode a bus because of the pandemic.
When you see a school bus, Young says you should expect to see kids as well. Another tip: if you see red lights and a stop sign, whether you’re behind the bus or driving in the opposite way, you must stop.
“The only time you can pass a bus with flashing lights is on a divided highway where there’s an actual physical barrier between the two lanes of traffic,” Young said.
Durham School Services screens all employees before they get on the bus and gives drivers extra masks in case a student forgets one.

Viola Higgins

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