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Construction of Carilion Children’s underway

Roanoke, Virginia – The facility in Roanoke County that will provide outpatient care is under construction. The health facility will cover up to 170,000 square feet.
In addition to other clinical services, the facility will serve as an outpatient practice for Carilion Children’s. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Roanoke County Director of Economic Development Jill Loope said the project stays on schedule.
“It’s a pretty significant investment of Carilion into the community, and their pediatric services are going to be really contributing to the transformation of this corridor and the mall property,” said Loope.
According to Loppe, the growth of the area is helped with this investment.
“They’re going to be bringing up to 1,300 or more vehicles from patients per day to this corridor, which is helping to create the density that is now serving as a catalyst for other development on the property. This is really a transformational project that’s leading to other great news in the corridor.”
The facility will open in early October, according to a news release published on Carilion’s website.

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