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No LOVE from Fox hosts: Laura Ingraham battles GOP senator ‘you guys got played’ on infrastructure bill, it’s a Trojan horse

Fox hosts, known to be supportive to the GOP and their members, sometimes are so critical over some policies that you can barely find a video showing that kind of behavior. But the latest comes from just last night when Laura Ingraham slams GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) that they have been completely outplayed by the democrats in regards to the infrastructure bill.
The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package currently being debated in the Senate, was the main ‘hot topic’ on Ingraham’s prime-time program Monday night where Cassidy was a guest.
The debate got fiery just when Ingraham echoed small-government Republican complaints that the bill is a “Trojan horse” for massive Democratic Party spending projects. She then asked Cassidy, known to be the lead negotiators of the package, if he had read the 2,702-page bill.
“My staff and I have read it totally,” Cassidy responded before adding: “And defending it, my gosh, why wouldn’t you want this, as one of my colleagues said?
“$110 billion for broken-down bridges, to replace or to make ‘em better, also to make ‘em safer,” the Louisianan added. “$65 billion to bring broadband in areas that do not have it, creating jobs along the way. $16 billion for Army Corps of Engineers to address coastal restoration issues and other things that place Americans at risk of losing their homes and their businesses from floods. And by the way, did I mention it creates a heck of a lot of jobs?”
So, what Ingraham really meant? The answer to that question is more than simple as Democrats are trying to push a larger $3.5 trillion budget resolution through Congress without Republican support and according to her, the infrastructure project is just the Trojan horse they will use to vote larger spendings.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously announced that she will not bring the infrastructure bill to final voting, until the upper chamber also passes the budget resolution through the parliamentary maneuver of reconciliation.
However, Cassidy said that Nancy Pelosi thinks she can link both of the bills, but he claims she doesn’t have the votes the pass the latter bill. And he might be right, but who knows how this will be played out in the end.
“Senator,” Ingraham asked incredulously, “are you on this show tonight saying that Nancy Pelosi hasn’t gamed out her votes?”
“She doesn’t think she has the votes on the $3.5 trillion,” Cassidy insisted. “She’s hoping to fold these together so she can get it passed, and by the way … Republicans against this bill are trying to help Nancy Pelosi.”
Cassidy continued to repeat what he was claiming since the start of the show, that passing the compromise bill would definitely makes it harder for the second, larger bill. Despite Ingraham was referring to multiple right-wing online outlets and the thoughts of experienced economists about the bills and how they are connected, Cassidy didn’t change his mind at all saying “I know you’re talking loudly tonight because you’re trying to be persuasive, but it’s just not working.
“When they pass the $3.5 trillion, you going to come back on this show and say you were wrong?” she then asked.
“I’ll come back on this show, but even though we make it less possible, if it still happens somehow this is to blame,” Cassidy shot back. “That logic is specious and you know that.”
The infrastructure bill has been a breaking point for both GOP members and Democrats for months now. GOP opposed the vast spending bills in multiple occasions and will be interesting to see if they truly manage the stop the second, much larger bill.

Viola Higgins

I’m a mother of 2 little angels that I continuously try to figure out and spend the other half figuring out how to be a great wife. Writing is my passion and I write regularly for the Virginian Tribune and several other national news outlets.

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