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U.S. dermatologists offer tips for skin protection as more and more people go on vacation

As the middle of summer is approaching and more and more people are deciding to go on a vacation, you need to be better informed about skin protection.
U.S dermatologists warn about importance of sunscreen, harmful effects of the sun as well as how to detect skin care early and how to stay safe in the sun.
Dr. Daniel Kim says that around two centimeters of sunscreen should be applied on your skin on every two to three hours as this is the easiest way to prevent skin cancer. SPF of 30 or higher is highly recommended.
Skin cancer is divided by melanoma and nonmelanoma. When detected early and removed, people have a 98.4% chance of survival, a 64% chance if it goes into your lymph nodes, and a 20% chance if it reaches to your lungs or liver. Melanoma is more common in people who are from a minority group, have a lot of moles, and have light skin.

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