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Fallen EMS workers honored with National moving memorial

Roanoke, Virginia – A special moving memorial has been dedicated to hundreds of EMS workers who died in the line of duty.
On Tuesday, the National EMS Memorial was hosted by Roanoke Emergency Services.
A Tree of Life ambulance was present at the event to honor first responders.
In hope of building a national memorial in D.C, the procession will be making several stops, that’ll lead up to service this weekend.
“We put our lives in danger, as well as fire and police — we all do, brothers and sisters in the line — so we’d like to represent those families fallen properly with a permanent memorial, instead of just a temporary memorial yearly,” Megan Harris said, an AMR Dallas EMT.
Each year nearly 30 EMS workers die in the line of duty. That number has increased last year due to Covid-19.

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