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8-year-old autistic girl included in Lifesaver program

Roanoke, Virginia – Officials have established a plan to ensure that a previously lost Roanoke child with autism won’t be lost again.
Law enforcement want to put Cece, the 8-year-old who went missing, into their Lifesaver program and the Patterson family have already agreed.
While her parents were unloading groceries, Cece ran off. She was found in a van a mile away from her home.
The Lifesaver program is designed for those who have cognitive disabilities. People included in the Lifesaver program receive a wristband that is connected with Roanoke Police Department and if the person that wears the wristband gets lost, officials can immediately track them down.
The wristband is free to receive, but your loved ones must fit specific conditions. You can find out if your local police department is a part of Project Lifesaver by contacting them.

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