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Grant applications reviewed by the Roanoke Gun Violence Prevention Commission

Roanoke, Virginia – The Roanoke Gun Violence Prevention Commission met on Tuesday night to review grant applications for its grant program to help reduce shootings in the city.
The group met online and went through a dozen suggestions. It has $65,000 to distribute and will do it through smaller grants totaling a few thousand dollars each.
Each of the local non-profits had their own ideas on how to prevent violence. The commission stated that it wishes to be as equitable as possible in order to have the maximum impact.
“Sometimes when I’m going through a process like this I also have another lens, do we want to fully fund some of the programs, or do we want to partially fund a number of them, so I just encourage us to think about that as we move through them,” said member Decca Knight.

Grant recipients will be notified Wednesday morning. That’s when the city said they’ll share with everyone who they selected.

The city will announce the grant recipients Wednesday.

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