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Armed man shot by Roanoke police after refusing to cooperate, transferred in hospital for treatment

Roanoke, Virginia – One man was shot by Roanoke police after failing to cooperate with officers early Saturday morning police say.
According to their reports, officers responded in the 900 block of Glen Ridge Road NW when the owner of the property called 911 asking for help because an armed when refused to leave his property.
As soon as they arrived at the scene, the man who made the call told them that the man has left the property meanwhile.
The man was located just next to the house and he told police there was no incident, only verbal misunderstanding. The owner of the property also confirmed this.
Police asked the man to leave the property and don’t come back, something that he agreed on and walked-off down the road.
However, police received second 911 call about the same suspect at the same property around 4:30 a.m.
When officers arrived at the scene for a second time, they found the suspect laying in a bushes at the side of the property.
Police asked the man to leave to property for a second time, but he was not responding at all. After police tried to push him, he informed them he has a gun. After refusing to cooperate with verbal instructions, multiple officers fired their service weapons and the suspect was shot.
The suspect was taken to hospital for treatment. He was shot only once.
No information about his condition was given.
No officers were injured in the incident.

Donald Wolfe

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