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1 patient arrested after taking ambulance, leading police on chase: Henry Co. officials

One man is in custody on Friday after officials say he stole the ambulance that was transporting him and led authorities on a high-speed chase.
Henry County Sheriff Lane Perry says deputies responded to a car wreck in Basset Friday morning.
Upon arrival, they say Derek Martin run into the woods.
Perry says they later found Martin disoriented due to possible drugs, and called for EMS.
While en route to the hospital, officials say Martin regained consciousness and began acting aggressively.
First responders stopped the ambulance, and that’s when the Sheriff says Martin jumped in the front seat.
“Then about a 52-minute pursuit ensues. It did come to the point that stop sticks did manage to take out the tires on the left-hand side of the vehicle. And through that, he wound up going out on a field and there the vehicle got stuck,” said Sheriff Perry.
Martin was arrested and at this time, charges against him are pending.

Gayle Gordon

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