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Roanoke City joins in on April Fool’s Day fun with ‘fossil discovery’

ROANOKE, Va.  — Star City officials joined in on the fun of April Fool’s Day by posting on social media they discovered “some type of fossil” at Mill Mountain Zoo, as well as one on neighboring Roanoke Mountain.
The Facebook post from the City of Roanoke on Thursday, April 1 sad no dinosaur bones had even been found in Virginia until now.
Officials even said experts from the Science Museum of Western Virginia and paleontologists from Washington, D.C. would be coming to the city.
Later that afternoon, staff members from PLAY Roanoke and the Mill Mountain Zoo showed off the so-called fossil on the city’s Facebook livestream, letting viewers take a close look at the bone…before exclaiming “April Fools!”
The Star City does this every year to celebrate April Fool’s Day. In previous years, officials announced the Roanoke Star would go on a world tour, said the city would put in a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics, and even planned to bring cruise ships to the Roanoke River.

Marco Harmon

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