27 Virginia Airports Awarded $6.54 Million to Fund 40 Projects

The Virginia Aviation Board awarded more than $6.54 million to 27 airports across the Commonwealth. The money will be used to fund 40 projects that will improve the airports and the services they provide.
“Public-use airports in Virginia are vital to the success of any region’s economic development efforts,” said Rod Hall, chairman of the Virginia Aviation Board.  “Our investment in these 27 airports will only help the communities they serve.”
The airport receiving the most funding in this award cycle is Danville Regional Airport, which was awarded more than $1.1 million for taxiway and hangar site development projects.  Other large projects include: more than $1 million to support runway, taxiway and apron rehabilitation projects at Gordonsville Municipal Airport; $872,000 for runway rehabilitation and grading at Lake Country Regional Airport; $480,000 for runway rehabilitation at Lonesome Pine Airport; and $464,000 for runway extension at Stafford Regional Airport.
Mark Flynn, director of the Virginia Department of Aviation, said, “We had a terrific mix of small, medium and large improvement projects that went before the Board of Aviation.  And the $6.54 million the Board approved is one of the largest awards ever to support general aviation regional, community and local service airports in Virginia.”
Aviation is a $23 billion economic engine that employs more than 146,000 people and pays more than $7.7 billion in wages across the 66 public-use airports in Virginia. 

Airport Project Description VAB Action Amount
Region 1 – J. Jack Kennedy Jr.
Blue Ridge Regional Airport Land Acquisition Services Runway 13 RPZ/Part 77 – BRIDGE LOAN Approved $33,947.00
Lonesome Pine Airport Runway 6-24 Rehabilitation (Construction) Approved $480,000.00
New River Valley Airport Master Plan Update Approved $40,000.00
Parking Lot Rehabilitation (Design/Construction) Approved $86,882.00
Taxiway Crack Seal (Construction) Approved $2,960.00
Tazewell County Airport T-Hangar Site Preparation (Construction) Approved $400,000.00
Twin County Airport Box Hangar Site Preparation (Environmental Reimbursement & Design) Approved $48,000.00
Virginia Highlands Airport Runway 6-24 Extension – Phase 5 (Embankment Season 3) (Construction) Approved $334,000.00
Virginia Tech – Montgomery Additional Security Cameras Approved $3,442.00
Executive Airport Runway 12-30 Extension – Land Acquisition – Phase 3 Approved $57,777.00
Runway 12-30 Extension – Phase 2 (Construction) – INCREASE Approved $81,517.53
Region 2 – Victoria Cox
Bridgewater Air Park Runway/Taxiways Crackseal, Sealcoat, and Re-Marking (Design) Approved $16,800.00
Front Royal-Warren County Airport Terminal Roof Replacement (Design) Approved $3,198.00
Gordonsville Municipal Airport Runway, Taxiway & Apron Rehabilitation (Construction) Approved $1,056,101.00
Luray Caverns Airport Terminal Building (Design) Approved $144,000.00
Terminal Site Preparation (Design) Approved $60,000.00
Airport Project Description VAB Action Amount
Region 3 – Derek M. Hardwick
Culpeper Regional Airport Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan & Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures Plan Updates Approved $15,936.38
Manassas Regional Airport Access Roads/Parking Lot – Pavement Mill/Replace/Restripe Approved $85,186.00
Master Plan Update Approved $48,000.00
Stafford Regional Airport Runway Extension – Phase 2 (Construction) Approved $464,000.00
Winchester Regional Airport Terminal Area Site Preparation – Phase 2 (Design) Approved $195,200.00
Terminal Building (Design) Approved $231,000.00
Region 4 – Alan C. Abbott
Hanover County Municipal Runway 16 Remarking Approved $8,400.00
Airport Runway 16/34 Rehabilitation (Design) Approved $32,000.00
Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures Plan Update N/A
Richmond Executive – Airfield Drive Rehabilitation (Design) Approved $80,800.00
Chesterfield County Airport Fueling System (Demolition) and Fueling Truck Parking Area (Construction) Approved $200,000.00
Region 5 – Maggie Ragon
Crewe Municipal Airport Terminal Building Roof Repairs Approved $5,980.00
Danville Regional Airport Taxiway ‘H’ Widening and Hangar Site Development (Construction) Approved $1,122,101.00
Terminal Building Renovation (Design) Approved $55,922.00
Dinwiddie County Airport Runway Crack Seal Approved $18,644.00
Farmville Regional Airport Maintenance Equipment Storage Building – Replacement (Construction) Approved $88,476.00
Region 6 –  TBD
Lake Country Regional Airport
Runway Rehabilitation & RSA Grading (Construction) – Phase 3 Approved $872,000.00
Region 7 – Vanessa Christie
Accomack County Airport Fuel Truck Containment Area – Environmental Coordination (CatEx) Approved $12,800.00
Runway 21 Turnaround (Design) Approved $6,000.00
Wetland Credits Reallocation – Runway 21 Turnaround (Design) Approved N/A(scope change)
Hampton Roads Executive Taxiway Asphalt Repair (Patching, Milling, Crack Fill) Approved $15,447.00
Airport West Apron Taxiways Rehabilitation (Construction) Approved $40,000.00
Hummel Field Airport Layout Plan Update Approved $35,990.00
Middle Peninsula Regional
Airport Pavement Repair (Runway, Taxiway, Fuel Farm, Apron, Parking Lot, and Hangar) Approved $24,035.00
Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport T-Hangar #2 Site Preparation (Design) Approved $36,800.00
Total Allocated

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