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City of Roanoke Equity and Empowerment Advisory Board to Hold Special Meeting

Roanoke will not reach its full potential as a community unless each citizen has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Equity involves the fair distribution of investments and services and the removal of institutional or structural policies that can be barriers to success.
We must work to ensure equity in our policies as they relate to race, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, and any other characteristics upon which people are discriminated against, oppressed, or disadvantaged


The Equity and Empowerment Advisory Board will hold a special public meeting on Monday, March 22, at 12 p.m. Due to current limitations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic disaster and the local State of Emergency, this meeting will be conducted by electronic communication means. The Equity and Empowerment Advisory Board will meet without a quorum physically present in one location and City staff will coordinate this public meeting remotely. Citizens interested in viewing this meeting may do so by following the meeting on the City of Roanoke’s Facebook page, where it will be live-streamed.
Call to Order – Roll Call (Chair)
New Business – Committees (Chair)
Overview of the Committees – Purpose and Relationship to EEAB (Chair/City Manager)
Review of Plan 2040 Interwoven Equity Priorities, Policies, and Actions (City Manager)

  • Trust
  • Break the Cycle of Poverty
  • Neighborhood Choice
  • Inclusive Culture
  • Service Delivery

Committee Structure and Operation (City Manager)
Discussion (Chair)
Next Steps – Scheduling of Committee Meetings, Reports to EEAB, etc. (Chair)
Adjournment (Chair)
For more information, please contact Angie O’Brien in the City Manager’s Office, at 540-853-5309, or send an email to angela.o’[email protected].

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