VDH reports more than 5,000 new coronavirus cases, 82 new deaths as of Friday

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia health officials announced Friday morning that the Commonwealth’s total coronavirus count has increased to 521,467 COVID-19 cases and 6,732 virus-related deaths, including 5,069 new confirmed and probable cases — which is more than 2,000 cases higher than the largest single-day case increase reported in February — and 82 new confirmed and probable fatalities.
The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) confirmed 416,189 cases and 5,816 deaths are related to the virus as of Friday, Feb. 5. However, 105,278 cases and 916 deaths are still reported as “probable.”
This news comes ahead of Gov. Ralph Northam’s 11 a.m. briefing, during which time he is expected to discuss the status of the pandemic and the vaccination efforts in Virginia, as well as the possibility of extending the school year into the summer.

  • Alleghany County: 1,155 cases53 hospitalizations, and 31 deaths
  • Amherst County: 2,446 cases, 60 hospitalizations, and 11 deaths
  • Appomattox County: 1,271 cases, 43 hospitalizations, and 9 deaths
  • Bath County: 245 cases6 hospitalizations, and 8 deaths
  • Bedford County: 5,341 cases, 126 hospitalizations, and 41 deaths
  • Bland County: 606 cases, 19 hospitalizations, and 9 deaths
  • Botetourt County: 1,922 cases, 46 hospitalizations, and 22 deaths
  • Buena Vista: 779 cases, 18 hospitalizations, and 12 deaths
  • Campbell County: 3,621 cases, 64 hospitalizations, and 32 deaths
  • Carroll County: 2,001 cases, 139 hospitalizations, and 59 deaths
  • Charlotte County: 658 cases, 31 hospitalizations, and 11 deaths
  • Covington: 590 cases, 18 hospitalizations, and 4 deaths
  • Craig County: 222 cases, 9 hospitalizations, and 3 deaths
  • Danville: 3,801 cases199 hospitalizations, and 70 deaths
  • Floyd County: 690 cases, 22 hospitalizations, and 18 deaths
  • Franklin County: 3,448 cases, 115 hospitalizations, and 37 deaths
  • Galax: 964 cases, 71 hospitalizations, and 41 deaths
  • Giles County: 951 cases, 29 hospitalizations, and 7 deaths
  • Grayson County: 1,060 cases, 62 hospitalizations, and 26 deaths
  • Halifax County: 2,099 cases, 44 hospitalizations, and 55 deaths
  • Henry County: 3,849 cases256 hospitalizations, and 83 deaths
  • Highland County: 85 cases and 1 hospitalization
  • Lexington: 861 cases, 19 hospitalizations, and 18 deaths
  • Lynchburg: 6,388 cases, 159 hospitalizations, and 82 deaths
  • Martinsville: 1,410 cases117 hospitalizations, and 37 deaths
  • Montgomery County: 6,497 cases, 141 hospitalizations, and 68 deaths
  • Nelson County: 682 cases30 hospitalizations, and 6 deaths
  • Patrick County: 1,101 cases80 hospitalizations, and 29 deaths
  • Pittsylvania County: 4,246 cases, 147 hospitalizations, and 46 deaths
  • Pulaski County: 2,193 cases, 93 hospitalizations, and 45 deaths
  • Radford: 1,816 cases, 34 hospitalizations, and 9 deaths
  • Roanoke City: 7,108 cases, 172 hospitalizations, and 130 deaths
  • Roanoke County: 6,740 cases, 122 hospitalizations, and 84 deaths
  • Rockbridge County: 1,098 cases, 37 hospitalizations, and 29 deaths
  • Salem: 1,773 cases, 50 hospitalizations, and 33 deaths
  • Wythe County: 1,850 cases, 95 hospitalizations, and 43 deaths

***items in bold indicate new cases, hospitalizations, and/or deaths from previous day’s totals***
Since Thursday, Feb. 4, VDH reported 92 new COVID-19 cases in Roanoke County; 69 in Danville; 62 in Lynchburg; 61 in Roanoke City; 42 in Bedford County; 42 in Montgomery County; 39 in Henry County; 39 in Pittsylvania County; 32 in Lexington, which is the locality’s largest single-day spike in cases; 28 in Franklin County; 20 in Halifax County; 19 in Nelson County; 18 in Campbell County; 16 in Patrick County; 15 in Amherst County; 13 in Martinsville; 10 in Appomattox County; 10 in Botetourt County; 10 in Charlotte County; nine in Grayson County; seven in Alleghany County; seven in Rockbridge County; seven in Wythe County; six in Carroll County; five in Buena Vista; five in Covington; five in Pulaski County; five in Radford; four in Craig County; three in Bath County; three in Giles County; three in Salem; one in Bland County; one in Galax; and one in Highland County.
In addition, of the 82 new virus-related deaths reported on Friday, the department says 26 are from the localities listed above. More specifically, five are from Henry County, four are from Roanoke County, three are from Roanoke City, two are from Danville, two are from Galax, two are from Halifax County, two are from Montgomery County, one is from Bedford County, one is from Carroll County, one is from Franklin County, one is from Lynchburg, one is from Martinsville, and one is from Wythe County.
Health officials say they have received 21,893 total records of confirmed and probable virus-related hospitalizations around Virginia as of Friday, which is 144 more hospitalizations than VDH reported on Thursday.
Of these newly-reported hospitalizations from Friday, three are from Henry County, three are from Montgomery County, two are from Alleghany County, two are from Amherst County, two are from Covington, two are from Danville, two are from Lynchburg, two are from Nelson County, one is from Bath County, one is from Bedford County, one is from Franklin County, one is from Halifax County, one is from Martinsville, and one is from Patrick County.

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