Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts share vaccination priority status for various groups

ROANOKE, Va.  — The Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts continue to ask for patience as they proceed with their vaccine rollout through the various priority groups in Phase 1b.
Health officials say the number of people who qualify for Phase 1b makes it impossible for them to vaccinate all of those people quickly. Therefore, they are aligning vaccine prioritization with Virginia’s categories.
As the health districts receive additional vaccines in the coming weeks and months, they will work through the additional categories of Phase 1b, but that is expected to take several months.
After most of Phase 1b is vaccinated, health officials say they will shift their focus to Phase 1c and then the general population.

“Tens of thousands of residents who are eligible for vaccine in Phase 1b have reached out to us,” the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, Feb. 3. “While we have not been able to respond to everyone, we are receiving your information and will follow up when we are able to offer vaccine.”

The health districts the following list of the current and future priority groups’ members in Wednesday’s Facebook post:

  • Current priority groups: Phase 1a and some of Phase 1b
    • Healthcare workers
    • Residents age 65 and up, with priority for age 75 and up
    • The first three tiers of essential workers
      • Law enforcement, firefighters, and hazmat
      • Corrections and homeless shelter residents and staff
      • Licensed childcare/PreK-12 teachers and staff (both public and private)
  • Future priority groups: Phase 1b
    • Residents age 16-64 with a high-risk medical condition
    • More frontline essential workers
      • Food and agriculture
      • Manufacturing
      • Grocery workers
      • Public transit
      • Mail carriers (both USPS and private)
      • Officials who maintain the government’s continuity

If you are eligible for vaccination in Phase 1b, visit the Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts’ website to indicate your interest in being vaccinated.

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