With 27 years of service, Martinsville Sheriff is Virginia’s longest-serving sheriff

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – 27 years and still going strong.

Martinsville Sheriff Steve Draper is the longest-serving sheriff in the Commonwealth.

He first got involved in public service as a teenager. Over that time, he has made improvements to jails and inmate workforces as well as introduced an EMS program.

When he first started as a sheriff in 1994, he was assigned number 121 out of 123 sheriffs.

Draper now drives around with the number one to honor his achievement.

“To look back and see that 121 and then to look and see this one. I just can’t believe it,” said Draper.

Draper has no intention to leave anytime soon and plans to continue mentoring new sheriffs.

Donald Wolfe

Donald’s writings have appeared in HuffPost, Washington Examiner, The Saturday Evening Post, and The Virginian-Pilot, among other publications. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He is the Virginian Tribune's Publisher.

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