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Deputy Fire Chief of Roanoke announces retirement

Roanoke, Virginia – After serving the community for 35 years, Deputy Chief of Roanoke Fire-EMS is stepping down.
Chief Billy Altman announced his retirement on Thursday.
Altman first began his career as a volunteer at Roanoke Life Saving Crews in 1980. Five years later he was hired as one of the City of Roanoke’s paid Paramedics employed to support the EMS volunteer program. He gets promotion to EMS Field Supervisor in 1988, overseeing the daily operations of the career EMS staff. In 1995, the City’s EMS program merged with the Fire Service and Altman was promoted to Captain within the new formed Roanoke Fire-EMS Department. He continued to rise through the ranks, in 2003 he was promoted to Battalion Chief of the Training Division and in 2007 was promoted to Deputy Chief of the Department.
Roanoke Fire-EMS thanked Chief Billy Altman for his years of dedicated service and wished him a happy retirement.

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