Remembering those who died of Covid-19

The United States recently outperformed yet another devastating milestone in the Covid-19 pandemic. Until now, more than 300,000 Americans have lost their lives due to Covid-19. In Virginia, the state has seen more than 4,600 residents die from Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.
More than 700 District of Columbia residents have lost their fight with the infection.
It’s an impossible number. It’s also difficult to convey the full extent of the losses using only numbers.
Each passing meant more than a statistic. A kid lost his mom; a mother lost her kid and possibly her own mom, as well. A community lost a teacher, a tutor, a student, a coach. The front line lost a medical caretaker, a specialist, an EMT, a hospital orderly.
We all lost some of our heroes.
Here at Roanoke Daily Magazine, we know your companions, families and loved ones are more than numbers. As we mark 300,000 deaths because of Covid-19, we want to help you remember them. We need others to know them. We need to help you share their stories.

Gayle Gordon

As a college student, making an extra buck now and then was very important. I started as a part-time reporter since I was 19 yo, and I couldn’t believe it might become a long-time career. I'm happy to be part of the Virginian Tribune's team.

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