Mill Mountain Greenway

Mill Mountain Greenway is a mixture of separated and paved, shared-use path and on-road connections that link Downtown Roanoke with the Star on Mill Mountain. The greenway changes character dramatically as it moves from an urban setting into Mill Mountain Park and is described below:

  • Wells Fargo Plaza to Elmwood Park: This section of the greenway is on-road or through concrete sidewalks through Holton Plaza and Elmwood Park. It is urban in nature as the greenway trail is not separated from the flow of traffic and crosses many intersections. Wayfinding installed in Spring 2019 will aid users in navigating through the urban area to Williamson Road.
  • Williamson Road: From Elm Avenue to Jefferson Street, this section is a shared-use path on Williamson Road that is separated from the vehicular lanes.
  • Jefferson Street/Walnut Avenue: Mill Mountain Greenway is back on the road for a short stretch of Jefferson Street, over the Walnut Avenue bridge, and heading up Mill Mountain proper. There are sidewalks and wide shoulders, but no separated, shared-use path.
  • “The Old Road” from Sylvan Road to the Mill Mountain Discovery Center: This section is on-road, but with limited vehicle traffic. Greenway users will experience steeper grades as they travel up Mill Mountain and pass by large, historic homes and an old toll booth.
  • Discovery Center to Star: Mill Mountain Greenway returns to a shared-use path through this section and boasts two overlooks, Rockledge, and the Star. This is the most-used section of this greenway.

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