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Popularity of early voting remains high in Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia – Early voting in Virginia began a week ago, and Roanokers continue to take advantage of the opportunity.

Even during periods of steady rain Friday, people were arriving at the Roanoke Registrar’s Office on Kimball Avenue.

Already, between four and five percent of the registered voters in the city have cast their ballots.

Andrew Cochran is Roanoke’s General Registrar.

“We’ve had over 2,700 in-person early voters. That’s wonderful,” he said. “We’ve sent out many thousands of ballots and we’re starting to get those back. So voters are very engaged, and that’s exciting for us.”

The registrar’s office had to deal with a power outage Thursday, but voting continued while the power was out.

Viola Higgins

I’m a mother of 2 little angels that I continuously try to figure out and spend the other half figuring out how to be a great wife. Writing is my passion and I write regularly for the Virginian Tribune and several other national news outlets.

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