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Parking tickets return to downtown Roanoke next month

Roanoke, Virginia – Park Roanoke announced that starting on Monday, October 19, it will once again give tickets for parking violations.

Roanoke temporarily stopped giving out tickets during the coronavirus pandemic, but now that businesses and restaurants have opened again, the city wants to make sure customers have somewhere to park so the downtown shops can make some money.

PARK Roanoke enterprise administrator Brian Mann said if you’re going through a tough time financially and cannot pay a ticket, give them a call.

“We understand everybody’s going through a hard time. And the last thing we want to do is have parking increase that stress or any type of anxiety that people are going through right now,” said Mann.

Center in the Square and Tower parking garages will also return to normal hours and fee schedules.

Mann said at first, PARK Roanoke will issue some warnings but then it will start giving out tickets.

They also created 15-minute curbside pickup parking spots throughout downtown.

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