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Travel restrictions continue when traveling by air during vacation season

ROANOKE, Va. — As states across the country enter different phases of reopening, people are understandably itching to get out and travel, especially during vacation season.
This time of year, the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport normally greets 900 to 1,000 travelers a day. However, on Wednesday, June 24, they only saw 280 travelers.
“We have seen traffic pick up. We bottomed out of April with only 3%, With traffic, we’ve picked up and in the last seven days here in June we’ve had 30% traffic compared to 2019 which isn’t great. But that’s also 10% of the National average. So we’re happy about that.”
It’s a new adventure for people who choose to travel by air these days.“The flight attendants were so good, they had wipes. so as soon as you walked on the plane. And they had a little snack bags with water and food. It was just really well done. They say that they sanitized before we got on the plane. “
Before boarding a plane, travelers should be aware of some changes.
“The whole room space upstairs is leased to the airlines so every airline is different, some are blocking some space, some aren’t they are just putting signs up to encourage people to social distance.”
“Families get to sit together, but what they do on the rows is they make sure that there is a seat in between each passenger. And then they announce at the end of the flight to stay in your seats until the person in front of you has gotten up and he’s gotten their stuff and it’s six feet apart from you.”
When arriving at the airport or boarding a plane, passengers are encouraged to wear a mask.
“Mask compliance has been quite strong. I’ve been quite impressed with it. Once you board the aircraft, the airlines actually won’t allow you without one.”

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